Specifically Female

There are many things to celebrate about being a woman so I encourage you to think about what positive aspects you feel about yourself in relation to your femininity.

There are also aspects of being female however which may bring a woman into therapy at certain times of her life such as fertility issues, being a mother and starting or navigating the menopause.  All of which can affect confidence or can highlight something which is difficult such as mood swings, anger management, sadness or depression.   Finding a suitable partner can also be a challenge for some which can trigger the sound of our internal biological clock and cause a great deal of anxiety and stress if children are in the life plan.  It is important during these times that you can see and explore all of the options available to you and learn how to manage feelings which you may be finding painful, frustrating and difficult.

Please contact me for a consultation if you are experiencing any difficulties in any of these areas.  I will help you to navigate your way through these times by  discovering the options available (which are hard to unearth whilst you are caught up in a whirlwind of emotion) whilst metaphorically holding your hand as you express, work through and ultimately heal yourself from the painful feelings.  This can lead to you feeling empowered, in control and achieving the life you want.

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