Hello and welcome to my website.

The best way to start, is to explain how I work so you that you can work out if it’s what you’re looking for.

It might feel as if you have lost your way and are struggling to deal with mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, relationship issues, physical illness or low self esteem which are stopping you from moving forward in your life.   Therapy can help you to reorient yourself again and to discover new ways of dealing with familiar difficulties.  In my practice I offer counselling and psychotherapy to adults who want to change their life in some way and are willing to make the commitment to themselves to do so.  I offer a safe confidential space for you to be open and honest about your struggles without judgement so that we can work together to create lasting change.

Compassionate Inquiry

I am currently in the final stages of studying an approach called Compassionate Inquiry.  This is an approach developed by Gabor Maté in response to working with people experiencing trauma.  Trauma is a response to any situation where distress has been experienced which can be ‘big T’ trauma such as sexual abuse, external unexpected events, violence etc or ‘small t’ trauma by simply not getting your needs met by a parent/carer when you were a child which can manifest in many forms as an adult such as depression, anxiety, addiction, illness etc.  In my experience this is a very powerful and effective way of working which helps you to become aware of the root of your trauma very quickly and how to heal this.  By uncovering unconscious dynamics that are running your life and liberating yourself from them using compassion, body awareness, uncovering core beliefs and letting go of the stories that have a hold on you and prevent you from moving forward.

I am as part of my training offering 3 sessions at the reduced rate of £60 where you can experience this approach for yourself.  Please contact me to arrange a free call to find out more if you are interested.

For more information on this approach please see the video below.