Testimonials from previous clients:

Nicola taught me how to control anxiety and allowed me to look at myself in a positive way. I have learned to identify negative thoughts and how to challenge them. My sessions with Nicola also allowed me to discuss a negative period in my life that had been a contributing factor to many of my negative emotions. As a result of the 8 sessions with Nicola I became aware of the negative effects of this period in my life and therefore learned to cope better. Overall it has been a very powerful and liberating experience for me. KT 29


I met Nicola when I was grieving a broken relationship. After a few sessions, it quickly became apparent that there were actually a lot more things in my life I needed to address. In the space of 9 months, she helped me change how I approach life completely. Going from what I would consider to be my lowest point – to today, where I feel I can take on whatever life will throw at me. During the sessions, she always made me feel incredibly comfortable – that allowed me to explore parts of my life and myself which I’d never dared to before, and in the end led me to discover things I didn’t even know needed to be discovered. With Nicola’s help and guidance, I learnt to know myself so much better (I thought I knew myself pretty well before), and improved all aspects of my life. For lack of better words, I really can’t thank Nicola enough for what she’s done for me in only a few months.  IT, 29


Nicola guided me through what I thought was a hopeless period in my life. I came to the sessions feeling I had nowhere else to go and that at least having some company once a week would be good. I’ve now found that there were genuine problems with the way I was thinking, that was controlling how I was feeling, and that I could change that, overcome some unnecessary guilt, and be a calm, clever and personable person once again. Nicola’s a very skilled therapist, and her time with me changed my life.  Adam, 29

I met Nicola at a time in my life when I felt I couldn’t move forward on my own. I had recently lost my father and was consumed by anxiety, stress and ‘locked in’ grief. Over the year I have seen Nicola, I have not only worked through all the immediate feelings of grief but she enabled me to dig deeper and resolve so many other road blocks I had used to protect myself over the years. Although it has often been an emotional, difficult process, the consistency of our weekly sessions helped to ground me and eventually enabled me to understand myself much more completely. My anxiety is now gone and I have so many more tools to face whatever life throws at me.I am so grateful for her support and truly tailored approach which resulted in unlocking such a huge part of me I didn’t even know needed unlocking! I would wholeheartedly recommended her.   TB, 34

“I can’t thank Nicola enough for all she has helped me to resolve and achieve over the past 18 months. I went to Nicola when I hit a period in my life when I had just had enough, when I felt that my life wasn’t moving forward and everyone else around me seemed to be happy and moving on in life and I just didn’t know how to do the same. Irrational thoughts, feelings and fears dominated and I had a very unhealthy attitude to food. Using thought diaries, CBT and art therapy Nicola has enabled me to deal with un-resolved childhood issues. Given me some invaluable tools and techniques to combat my fears and in turn dealing with these has helped me to understand and begin to deal with my un-healthy/addictive eating habits. All in a friendly, comfortable and understanding environment created by Nicola. I am a much happier and stronger person. I now attack life with, on occasions a childlike enthusiasm! I still have a way to go but feel that it is achievable and that my life is now moving forward. Many Thanks, Nicola.”
CH, 35

“I saw Nicola over a period of three years. When I first came to her I had never undergone counselling before. I was very badly affected by a previous relationship and really felt like I couldn’t be at home alone, carry out my normal activities or even wash my face and brush my hair. Over the three years Nicola helped me get back in control and feel good about myself. I am so grateful to her for those three years, it’s hard for me to put into words what it means to have someone bring you back into the world after you had lost hope and connection with everything you care about.
name withheld, 36

“Nicola has helped me to resolve my issues with anxiety and overeating through looking at my childhood whilst also using CBT techniques like thought records and recognising unhelpful thinking patterns. She has provided me with a quiet and caring place to talk and taught me techniques to help myself. I have become a more open person able to talk about my emotions with family and friends. Doing the life map was particularly helpful as well as examining my attitudes towards money and relationships.”
name withheld, 33

“I was having difficulty coming to terms with the death of a close family member and also at a stage in my life when I was experiencing an unpredictable and powerful set of emotions including anger, anxiety and low self esteem. Nicola combined conventional CBT methods with looking at my past, which was extremely helpful as it allowed me to understand how my previous experiences have largely shaped the person that I am today. Not all feelings and emotions are bad, or wrong – they simply need to be understood and channelled correctly. But this is something that I only really understood after analysing my thought patterns with Nicola’s help. ”
Alistair, 27

“I found Nicola at a time when I was at an extremely low ebb, had no-one to turn to and needed a sympathetic and objective ear to help me unravel the emotional state I’d got myself into.  Nicola listened patiently and she gently helped me to take a step back from everything.  She used a variety of techniques to get me “unstuck” during our sessions but, more importantly, she has provided me with life skills that have empowered me to (1) develop a better understanding an acceptance of myself (and others) and (2) deal more effectively with stress. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.”
Nicola, 35

“I came to see Nicola after my mum passed away and at  the end of a relationship but by going to my weekly meetings so much more that I had to deal with came to the surface.  I have seen Nicola for about one year and I am very grateful that I have met not only such a great and warm person but also someone who is truly professional and knowledgeable in her field.  The whole year ran so smoothly that I did not notice I was changing but now that I have finished my meetings I feel I am a different person, a person who is confident, with no self doubt and someone who is enjoying life again – thanks to Nicola, a truly great counsellor!”
Anke, 39

“I came to Nicola at a point in my life where it was all just a bit much for me. I was in a very difficult, all-encompassing relationship that challenged my core values and beliefs; work was unbelievably stressful; my sister was about to get married. All these things taken together found me on pretty shaky ground, really evaluating my life and my purpose in it. Nicola was fantastic from the start, really taking ownership of the process and guiding me through what ultimately became a very rewarding experience. She flawlessly adapted to my mood and supported and pushed me in equal measure. At one point, she introduced me to art therapy and it turned out to be a real eye-opener for me. I believe she early on realized that specific techniques and processes might be too regimented for an already over-achieving/controlling personality like mine, and allowing me to be in the moment was exactly what I needed. Thank you Nicola- I don’t know what I would have done without you”
J, 34

“Working with Nicola has been a positive and rewarding experience for me and I gained so much from the counselling. I found her to be warm and engaging, working in a relaxed environment, but with a level of professionalism that gave me confidence in Nicola’s skills and experience.”
Sandra, 40

“Initially, Nicola Croote was recommended to me as a therapist who had good experience in working with addictions, as well as the underlying causes. I had never had any therapy before, so it was quite daunting, but on recognizing that my life had some really negative recurring cycles, I had given up drinking alcohol and was keen to explore my issues. The experience really has changed my life. Over 6 months, I talked with Nicola about my life experiences and we worked through a number of exercises. Understanding the dynamics within certain relationships and learning some tools to change behaviour/communication patterns helped, and continues to help me deal with day-to-day life. Nicola intellectualised my emotions, bringing a depth of understanding, patience and pro-active counseling techniques that helped me make sense of who I am, why I was the way I was and who I could be. I found those 6 months to be the turning point in my life. I still use the tools I picked up during my sessions almost every day and somehow just knowing that she is available (either face to face or on the telephone) if I need advice, makes everything ok. Nicola will always be on my Christmas card list!”
Martine, 41

“I had weekly sessions with Nicola for over a period of six months and working with her helped me a great deal. While she is a complete professional, she is also very human and easy to talk to. I was initially nervous and a bit sceptical about the benefits of counselling but she helped me to look at different aspects in my life in a way that I never had before, and particularly helped me to work out how to deal with difficult experiences. It was a very worthwhile experience.”
name withheld, 28

“Having spent most of my twenties drinking too much, smoking too much and yo-yo dieting, I went into counseling in the hope I would be able to find a healthier, more fulfilling direction to move my life into. Seeing Nicola on a weekly basis has helped me feel more positive and in a stronger position to leave these things behind. She is not only an excellent listener, but has also shown me practical techniques and strategies which have made a real difference. I would recommend Nicola for anyone looking for an intelligent, skilled and supportive counsellor”
name witheld, 31

“They say finding the right counsellor for you should be based on a gut feeling, an intuitive response to that person. With six contracted sessions I explored my issues to a depth gaining insight and understanding that was only made possible through Nicola’s experience, skills and expertise as a Counsellor. I still use the techniques and methods I was showed by Nicola, in dealing with my anxieties in day to day life, breaking myself free from the destructive patterns that were inhibiting my relationships and life. For this I am eternally grateful”
Laura, 28