What is Involved

Our first session will give us the chance to meet and to discuss your reasons for wanting to start therapy.   This time will help us to decide if we will be able to work together.  If mutually agreed we will arrange a set time and day to meet each week that is convenient for both of us.

In terms of how therapy works;  I have training and experience in a range of therapeutic approaches and I will choose those which I believe are most appropriate for you.   We will  regularly review your progress against the goals you have set for your counselling and address any blocks to this.

Ways of Working

I can work with you on a long or short term basis.  Longer term therapy is known as psychotherapy which looks into and resolves childhood issues and repeating patterns that may be affecting your life as an adult as well as present dilemmas which may come up for you.  Shorter term therapy or counselling involves some exploration of childhood issues if needs be but the focus is predominantly on the present.  Solution focused therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) are useful in looking at how your thoughts are affecting your feelings and actions and how you can change these using a variety of techniques.

I also support the use creative therapies in my work if I think that it will help you and you are willing to try.  Exercises using art, images and objects can be a powerful way to get in touch with what is going on for you unconsciously.