How to Increase your Self-Confidence

There are many reasons why someone suffers from low self confidence; things such as unresolved childhood issues, physical or mental ill health, loss of a job or break down of a relationship can all impact on how we feel about ourselves. Or you may have grown up with a negative view of yourself because of the early messages given to you by adults around you. It may be that your lack of self confidence is holding you back and stopping you from being able to live the life that you want to lead. If this is the case try my tips on how to start building your confidence . For the best results practice them daily and carry around this list until they become second nature.

1. Take care of your physical health

Focus on eating healthy food, getting enough relaxation and sleep and getting regular physical exercise. I’ve put this at the top of the list as this is the basis for feeling good about yourself. If your body feels good you will start to feel good.

2. Think positive!

Become aware of what you are saying to yourself on a daily basis; you’re probably not aware of the negative things that you are telling yourself and how this affects your feelings and behaviours. When you start being aware of your thoughts, write them down and notice how they affect your feelings and how you act on them. For example if you tell yourself that you are not good enough for that job you want, you’ll more than likely feel bad about yourself and will act in an un-confident way during the interview, which may mean that you don’t get the job and confirm your original belief that you weren’t good enough for it anyway!

Try changing your belief and replacing it with a new positive affirmation about yourself i.e. I would be an asset to any company due to the skills that I already have. Now see how that affects your feelings; it’s not difficult but does take effort, commitment and practice just like starting anything new. If you stick with it I guarantee you’ll get the results that you want.

3. Enjoy yourself

Find something gives you pleasure (and isn’t destructive or unhealthy!). Rediscover a hobby or interest or take a class in something that you’ve always wanted to learn. Even a trip to the cinema or a night out with friends can work wonders in lifting your spirits and helping you to feel good about yourself.

4.Talk about it

If you’re struggling with something, confide in a trusted friend or family member. Often it can help just to have someone listen to you or to give you a different perspective on your problem.

Get in contact with me if you would like further help with building your self confidence or in working through difficult issues that may be blocking your chance of building the life that you want.

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